Who We Are




iconic32 Sports Lab exists to progress society via youth development. We are a performance enrichment platform created to help inner-city youth enhance their athletic, academic, innovative and civic potential, in order to maximize success on and off the field. iconic32 Sport Lab also serves as a platform for youth to network, to motivate each other, and to share ideas in an ecosystem that fuels progressive thinking, and in turn, action.

iconic32 Sports Lab consists of experts from the worlds of sports, physical and sports training, education, nutrition, technology, medicine and business – and includes former professional athletes, current and former coaches, certified trainers, nutritionists, chefs, and business executives from an array of industries. It brings together these collective minds to produce the most progressive, creative, strategic and groundbreaking thinking to every aspect of performance training and life preparation.









iconic32 Sports Lab is the sports unit of the iconic32 umbrella brand.iconic32 is a lifestyle firm + innovation lab that creates profound stories to generate social good.  iconic32 drives positive change through four core pillars: sports.

Entertainment + the arts, social responsibility and non-traditional forms of education in order to shaping and bettering the future through youth development.

iconic32 is a lifestyle company + innovation center that harnesses the emerging youth generation to develop cultural movements for social good and to advance progress – driving the evolution and curation of industries, society and cultures across the globe.